Sunday, April 4, 2010

left handed update

unlike the compliment, this is meant literally. i'm holding james in my right arm in a hospital bed for our second consecutive night -- third in a week. so please excuse a complete lack of capitalization and a disregard for any sort of errors. i am strongly right handed. its a growing experience. anywho---here's the update:

last week we decided to go ahead with the feeding tube. he has been so active this month that he hasnt gained any weight. fortunately it got scheduled for this coming friday. unfortunately james got sick last week with something, stopped eating, and ended up at a dallas er on fluids. we flew home the next day only to have him spike a temp and end up in the er here on sat (again--fauquier hosp = awesome). we will be here for the foreseeable future. the docs here will work to see if anyone can put the tube in before fri. or we might stay here all week til fri and we can go down to uva. or.....something. for now we sit...and wait for visiters?


  1. oh i love you both so much... hang in there! thinking of you every minute... xoxox

  2. call me whenever! or txt cuz j usually sleeping.

  3. I love you both too!!!! Hang in there Clare-bear. I will be there to visit and hold my sweet godson in TWO weeks!!!! Love you guys so much!