Monday, April 26, 2010

April 27th

Just wanted to point out that we've been in a hospital (different ones, but still) since April 1st. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone wanted to send candy or something. They have krispy kremes here, so don't send those. Evidently a krispy kreme a day keeps the dr away!;) (btw, that's not a soul patch - that's frosting.)

Things are progressing well. James threw us for a little loop (because why would a child of mine do what was expected?) by choosing to not eat after the surgery. So our original plan of supplementing his oral eating with bolus tube feeds had to go out the window. We did try the bolus feeds 5x on the first day at 1 ounce per feed. But, as I expected, he didn't eat anything orally unless he was sleeping. So last night we did our first overnight drip feed. When we did this with the NG tube he vomited a few times, so I was a bit worried and actually completely expected to get puked on. We had a bit of a restless night with James trying to get comfortable and me trying not to tangle the ridiculously short tubing for the feed. But all in all it went well and he recieved 10 ounces over a 12 hr period. During the day now we are unhooking him from the TPN and tube feeds all day so hopefully he will get hungry and eat a little better. Yesterday during the day he ate a little better, but still mostly while he was sleeping.

I also left the hospital yesterday for the second time in almost a month. Had a fun shopping trip to Target and got a whole bunch of stuff I may or may not need, then went to pick up lunch and had a glass of wine with my mommy while we waited. It was great. We all know how I feel about wine...and coconut cake. Unfortunately my mommy leaves today. Boo. But hopefully we get home soon and she'll come back. We have a big bday to start planning for and one of my favorite cousin in laws is living nearby and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER TOO!!!!

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