Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things that suck about living in a hospital aside from the obvious:

-No Bing, Patita, or Dimpity!

-Feeling like I'm going to be on the next episode of Hoarders

-Walking around barefoot for a few minutes before I remember where I am

-Flip flops getting pushed under the bed so I have to walk barefoot even when I AM aware of where I am

-Doctors dressed in suits coming to visit while I'm still in pjs with no bra

-Getting pooed on (okay, not exclusive to hospital living, but still, seems to happen a lot here)

-Things being done for policy rather than necessity (2 good examples: 1-the first night we were here we walked into our shared room to see a crib and a reclining chair. James has enough trouble sleeping at home...there was NO way he was sleeping in a crib here. I explained it to the nurse and here's what she said: "If a child is under 2 our policy is that there has to be in a crib." Me: "But you realize he will instead be sleeping with me in a chair, right?" her: "That's fine." Okey dokey. Took 2 nights to get a nurse that got it and brought in a bed. 2-vitals. Not James' problem. Doesn't have a respiratory problem, so his blood oxygen level is fine. No blood pressure fact, he's not sick. Just doesn't eat. So I understand doing the vitals, but maybe not every 4 hours and no, I am not waking him up from a nap for you to do them. What 2 year old will go back to sleep during a nap for that?)

-Waking up at 2am because I had 3 consecutive hours of sleep and my body assumes that's all it's gonna get when, in fact, the child is still asleep and I've barred all nurses from the room. Stupid body.

-No fridges in rooms. They should have minifridges in here.

-Keeping diapers so they can be weighed. Gross.

-IV poles. Really? It's 2010 and we can't do better than this?!

-The tv is attached to the wall all the way at the ceiling and not tilted downward. Awkward.

-No dvr. Have you ever TRIED watching American Idol without being able to fast forward? Who lives like this?!

-Having to explain to Tom WHICH of my 12 pairs of blue jeans I actually want him to bring from home

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