Sunday, September 23, 2012

At the risk of sounding offensive

I have a small rant. And I'll apologize first because, while I've never cursed on this blog, and I rarely curse anyway, it just doesn't work without. I used to have the worst language ever. I'd like to think I've grown as a person, gained more intelligence, and my children have made me a better person. Most likely though, I just have a stronger filter now.
Anyway, here's my rant.
I fucking hate it when people tell me how small my child is!!! I mean, come on! I fucking know how small he is and have basically spent a collective year in hospitals trying to fix it. Do you think I've been making this shit up all this time?! I guess it may seem cute to you, but it's like twisting a frigging knife in my chest every time you say it.
Now, that being said, there's pretty much no one I've ever met that hasn't said this to me at some point. And I understand in the first meeting, you usually say something about a kid's size or appearance. Probably we all need to branch out a little and talk about something else, but I get it. But maybe the next time you see him next to a 2 year old and you think to exclaim how cute it is that they're almost the same size...Just. Fucking. Stop.
Thank you. Also, James is going to be a ninja someday, so you may want to watch your back. ;)
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

One month gluten free

Hard to imagine its been so long! We hit the ground running when we got home and I'm just now coming up for air. Or, at least, there are some surface bubbles. James has started back at SMILE and it's wonderful. And Eve is SO enjoying walking around the house and terrorizing everything.

So, gluten free. It's not just the food. You need a separate toaster and cutting boards. You need to make sure there's no cross contamination. And gluten is in SO many processed foods. Even ketchup. It's a cheap binder and anything that says artificial coloring or flavoring has the potential to have gluten in it. And then even if you go out to eat and pick a 'gluten free' item, the chances of cross contamination in a restaurant kitchen are pretty high. Now, we don't go out to eat much and I make most things myself. But it definitely takes away pretty much any chance of convenience, even just going to someone else's house. Especially when you're just getting started. Also, premade gf items are widely available now, which is great, but they are crazy expensive and definitely not all created equal. Many things are harder or chewier, which definitely tires out James' mouth. But he's hangin in there. His stomach remains much less bloated and his appetite is better. And while that is fantastic, he has, really unfortunately, lost weight. And he's eating well into the range of recommended calories.
We are not really sure of the next steps. So far the doctor wants to wait and see what happens. Probably if anyone says that to me again, I'll punch them. But as he's in Texas and I'm in VA, I have to do it via text, which doesn't hold the same clout. Bummer.
So we have a little good and a little bad and, apparently, we will just see what happens....

But here are some cuteness photos that usually make everything ok!

Eve 'helping' drive the truck to pick up hay

We found a local air show!!!!

Nice to be back with my pups!

Watching the air show. Coolest kids there, clearly.

My daughter.

Helping with farm chores!