Monday, April 12, 2010


Made it through another day! Finally got of isolation and got to run (literally) around the halls. Tom was here all day and i left the hospital for the first time. Might have done slight and unnecessary damage at Old Navy. It was great but I was glad to get back to my boys.

We made the decision to put the gtube in while James is still on tpn. Looks like we will do it next week. Then we will stay here around 5 days after that at least. I am not thrilled about surgery, obviously, but this will absolutely protect James whenever he gets sick and hopefully advance his therapy. We are having the tube put in surgically rather than through an endoscopy because he is so small. It is a longer recovery, but they put the button in right away rather than having a long tube for 6 weeks. What I didn't know is that he cannot eat for 72 hrs after placement. O.M.G. I am now completely dreading this. I mean, I understand---there will be a hole in his stomach so you shouldn't eat right away. And thankfully he is on tpn, so I'm not worried about nutrition, but I'm just preparing myself for 4 days of crying and signing for milk and me saying no. Lets remember---I dont say no to food when it comes to James...

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