Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no news is good news

Not much to report today. James in very good spirits. We got to pet a bunny and an adorable Newfie named Cora. Beautiful dog with eyes like DaBing. I miss my pups very much! Had another wonderful friend visit and bring James the cutest stuffed dog ever. Think we'll name it Porter... :) We're gettin a little sick of vitals being taken. I'm having to put my foot down and not let them be taken in the middle of the night. Most of the nurses know us really well by now and work with us. I also think they realize we're not idiots. Our nurse tonight didn't seem to have the same confidence. She wants to weigh him at 6 am...before he even wakes up. Yeah...thats good for the kid. She's also sort of acting like we are new here...which we aren't. lol We'll see, but we're pretty good at picking good ones. When they walk in the room and take 5 min of cleaning the dry erase board before introducing themselves...weirdo. Loving all the nursing students here though. They have been great and James loves testing how fast he can get them to do his vitals. hehe
Think gtube is officially scheduled for tues. Guess that might not sound official, but I think thats as good as we'll get til the date gets closer. Hopefully soon he'll have a few hours off the tpn to run around unleashed. It's getting hard to chase him with an iv pole!!

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