Friday, May 28, 2010

Our new game.

This past Wednesday we had our first therapy appt at KCRC down at UVA. OMG. Okay, just many letters.

But really, it was great. James and I spent half the day there consisting of 2 half hour appts with Polly, the inpatient speech therapist. In between appts we played outside in the playground and stared at the fishtank. Cooooool, to quote James. The first appt was mostly James and Polly getting to know eachother a little. But the second appt was very exciting. James ate ice cream, bananas, and popsicle from a spoon. I was ecstatic! What is so interesting now is that James is at an age that you can bargain with him or persuade him to do something.

This is what led to our new game: Make Daddy Dance! Hilarious. Basically if James takes a bite of food, Daddy will dance around like a crazy person, and may or may not snap a towel. James ate 2.5 ounces of yogurt just to Make Daddy Dance. A close second is Make Mommy Dance (but seriously not as good) and third is Throw It! Oh yes, if he takes a bite, he gets to throw something. Really, I'm fine with it. But I feel really bad for his first grade cafeteria lady...

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