Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just realized something!

I haven't really posted on here how well James is doing in his oral therapy. Just a few weeks ago, James put lots of things in his mouth, but always spit it out, or swallowed accidentally or just sometimes. His least favorite texture (thank you sensory disorder) is mushy, sticky, wet things. You know, like yogurt, baby food, cooked veggies....anything you've chewed up and are about to swallow. Tricky. Also, because he never chewed toys or fingers...ever, he has never really learned to chew and, consequently, to swallow. Pretty hard to teach. But since we've been here and gotten him really good nutrition and I've really had nothing to do but work with him, he is actually swallowing most of what he puts in his mouth. He ate almost a whole cereal bar, swallows chocolate, eats a few bites of a cookie, licks ice cream, and yesterday he ate 10 (TEN!) bites of Koala Crisp (thank you Rachael!). For those of you who don't know about Koala Crisp, it's in the organic section and it's sort of like Rice Krispies, except waaaaay better. Anyway, he's never eaten cereal in his life, never touched it to his mouth, never even touched it with his fingers. Huge! And very exciting. We will be starting outpatient therapy once a week at KCRC and will come for a solid week or two in July!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad I will soon be able to start trying to gain his love with I do with my own family. Buddy boy, you have no idea of the possibilities that await you at Aunt GG's house.