Sunday, May 16, 2010

"the easy life"

Oh yeah. I was kidding.


  1. ughhhhh:-( You will get past this.....someday. But it sucks today and maybe tomorrow too....

  2. Hello Clare:
    I'll try not to keep you to long... I know you have a lot of things to keep you pretty busy to say the least.
    I'm so glad to hear that James little tummy is starting to accept the feedings and that James has not gotten sick in the past several days.. Michael and I will continue to pray for James, you and Tom.
    I'm also glad to hear that James will be starting his next stage at the Rehab... A Good Step in the Right direction!!
    I remember when Michael had the Peg-Tube put in because Michael had lost the ability to swallow due to the stroke. The Rehab Team along with the Head of the Speach Therapy (Melinda)Department and myself really worked hard with Michael in making sure that Michael would be able to swallow all foods the correct way. This in it self was a very long and intense process. From the TENNS UNITY that we had to strap on Michael's Throat everyday in order to stimulate the Throat Mucsles in trying to remind the Brain and the Muscles to work together.. We all worked together through this entire process. The first Swallowing Test Study Michael failed badly so we had to work even harder.. The Speach/Rehab Team had Michael take another Swallowning Test Study Ten days later and to our much surprise Michael Pasted it. Michael then graduated to a Mechanical Diet... It was everything that they gave Michael to eat was pretty much grinded up like baby food. But this was a step in the right direction!! Well with the Peg-Tube still in at that point we thought that the Peg-Tube could be removed. Well to our surprist we were told that once a Peg-Tube is surgically put in that the soonest that the Peg-Tube could be removed is 6 weeks, unless the tissue was healed that surrounded the Tube to the Stomach. The Tube was finally removed at 4 weeks which was not a pleasent ordeal but Michael felt much better once it was gone... This segment was a lot of constant work and still is but it is all worth it!! When you love someone deeply you will do anything and everything in the world to make sure that all goes well... I know.. It's really hard.. Sometimes it can be unbearable but the ending result is so rewarding. I know and I'm sure everyday is a challange for you and James but always remember that there is no place else to go but up. I tell myself this day in and day out..
    Yes, Life is an Adventure. And I know that the Good Lord has sent you and James and Tom on this Path for a Very Good Reason. Just like the Good Lord had sent me and Michael on our Path... Buy doing so it has made us both Stronger as I know all of this will yes, make you and Tom Stronger and James stronger.
    Well I had better let you get back to your busy day... Keep us posted, OK?