Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nudging normal?

Maybe. Cause I mean really, I don't know Normal very well. So we may be nudging a complete stranger, but still. Getting closer?

James is really great. I say that a bit tentatively because I'm a bit gunshy. But he is eating better and better and his gut seems to be behaving more.....normally! His face and color are so much better and while he's not made it to 29 pounds, he's sloooowly climbing the 28 range! He asks for a few different types of food now which is amazing and every day he surprises us with something new we didn't know he could do. I think it's just been sitting in his brain waiting to come out! He consistently gets good marks at school and has SO much fun. As his body is feeling better, he's getting so much more brave.
For now we just keep on keepin on. Seems like this protocol is healing the damage, and then we will see if there's anything else we will learn about or need to do.

In the meantime, Eve continues to be a rock star, riding in the car all over creation and being hilarious. She's talking (kind of) and completely idolizes her big brother, copying everything he does and then usually taking it to a whole other level....

Waiting to pick James up from school

There should be a name for this...I'm just not sure what...

Da Bing

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