Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's All About Me

O. M. G.
I feel like a dork even writing that. But it's true. I love when stuff is all about me. No joke. I'm a Leo. And let's be honest...the past couple of years have not been much about me. I had to start a blog just to talk about MY feelings on things. Which is a super stealthy way of making things that aren't about me...all about me. Awesome.
Anyway, James is doing well for now. And for the past year and a half or so, he's been a bit easier on a day to day basis. But we went and had Eve. And because of my previously admitted distaste for making formula, I nursed her for a bit over a year. And she didn't take bottles. She basically weaned this summer when James was in the hospital because she had no choice. But then she fussed or cried herself to sleep for several months (although at least she was finally sleeping through the night). This is not anything millions of moms don't deal with, and lots of them have many more kids. But...this is all about me, so I don't really care. Point is, I haven't had a full day away from kids since James was born. Let alone a day and a night. Or two....let's not make this depressing...
So I'm working on taking back my life...just a little. I don't want to not be around my kids. I love them with everything in me. But, sigh, I feel like its time for me to do some stuff. I don't know what. I guess it doesn't really matter. But stuff. I've done some girls nights/days (I actually don't feel the need to be away from my husband either, but he IS the best babysitter I can find sooo (except for Elisabeth and Gabi....we still haven't gotten over you guys), attempted spa days, several questionable activities (shush, mind out of gutter), and the craziest yet---I've started running. I hate running. Or I did anyway. I mean like for all my 30 years, I've detested it. But about 2 months ago, it was freezing cold, but I needed a quick workout and I just didn't want to hang with Jillian or get on the stupid elliptical again while Eve and James tortured each other (and me) the entire time. So I waited for Tom to get home, bundled up, and off I went. I found that I loved the playlist on my phone, the alone time (with the exception of Pata and Dimple), and the fact that once you run a couple miles one way, you have to turn around and run home. So you're locked in. I also love my barefoot running shoes. Since I'm barefoot ALL THE TIME, I think proper running shoes were too much of a shock to my system. But my barefoot shoes rock.
Anyway, I never thought it'd become my thing. But now it's my thing. I run...regularly. So weird. Now why this hasn't translated into a rock hard body with perfect abs....I'm not entirely sure...good thing horses taught me that life isn't fair.

I do have good company on my runs though!

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