Saturday, March 2, 2013


Alright folks! We have made it past (a little) 28 pounds! I'm terribly excited, but the past 5 (literally) times this has happened, then he's lost a pound for one reason or another. 1 day to lose a pound, 2-3 weeks to regain it. Honestly, if this were ME, I'd have no complaints. As it stands...sigh.

The greatest thing about our current status, besides a feeling of relief every time he stands on the scale instead of dread, disappointment, or tears (omg, that sounds so depressing, sorry pity party), is that feeding is soooo much more pleasant. He's actually starting to show interest in food other than a pancake and is eating more and more by himself without reminders. It so wonderful to see. Meals are going so much faster and without me wanting to tear my hair out. And without James wanting to tear his hair out, more importantly! On Fridays he eats lunch at school with his friends and our speech therapist, and he's SO happy doing it. She (awesomely) sends a written or emailed write up after every session. This past Friday was so fun to read. Apparently he had started eating before she even got there and was chatting with his buds (wish I had a hidden camera for this). He was taking complete bites and chewing and taking some initiative. It's such a turn around from just a few weeks ago. Also amazingly, someone makes a rice cheese that looks (a kind of tastes) like Kraft singles. Now, I'm all about all natural, as we all know, but Kraft cheese is crack for kids. And if my kid is going to be so excited to eat it, then by all means, eat it!! Also amazingly, there are 2 versions of rice cheese: regular and vegan. The regular version has Casein from dairy in it, vegan does not. Quick question: why on earth would you choose to eat fake rice cheese if you were able to consume dairy??? It makes no sense. It'd be like getting a gluten free cracker and dusting it in wheat flour. Or ordering a diet coke with your Big Mac, which I'd totally do, but still. It makes no sense. That's my tangent for the day.

So things are pleasant for now and we'd like to try to keep them that way. It's at this time that sometimes we get over excited and try to be more normal. It usually backfires so we plan on sticking with our abnormalness for a while. It suits us. ;). But prayers, please, for onward and upward. We are still treating the symptoms here, instead of the root cause, but are hopefully buying more than just time until one is found!

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