Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

Got a couple of videos of the boy eating. The first 2 links are really one feeding session from last saturday the 5th that I sent to an OT for evaluation. The next is from this sunday the 13th after spending Mon, Tues, and Wed at KCRC and cutting back the tube feeds. Apparently I dress my kid in the same stuff all the time. In the first feeding session, he probably consumed one to two tablespoons of food total. In the second he ate an ounce of veggies, and ounce of mac and cheese, and some Funyuns (hmmm, not sure how they spell that) in less time than it takes to finish an entire tube feed!

Last week:

And now:

And yes. He needs a haircut. Badly.

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  1. LOVE the videos - he is doing better even than Saturday! And your blog is well named as those are sensational pregnancy tata's! hahaha Really i'm just jealous but all kidding aside you look amaazing momma!