Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next step

Wanted to do a quick update since we met with the OT last week. Denise was great to come out and evaluate James and our house to set up a program for the next month. I think she was particularly fond of the dog bed that James sleeps (sort of) on. The key for the next few weeks is to work on building strength and getting more input into his hands. So we have a big obstacle course set up downstairs that is pretty fun, I have to say. We do wheelbarrow walking everywhere and lots of weight-bearing activities on his arms. It's amazing to see how tired it makes him but he has a great time. We have also gone back to the brushing protocol which I do think helps. It is just yet another step in our day before each feeding but does seem to calm him down a bit, once you wrastle him into it anyway.

I've been concerned about James' sleep pretty much from birth. :) But while it has gotten a little bit better, nothing seems to help. And I have asked everyone. We've tried all sorts of calming techniques but he still wakes up screaming and is restless, and then so tired during the day. He is tired at night, but just can't physically soothe himself or stay asleep. Now, I have been taking him to KCRC for almost a year now and each time his sleep is discussed and never really addressed. They've given me the same ideas everyone else has, so I figured we would just have to deal it with as time goes on and he gets older. Now I find out they have a whole sleep study center there! Really?! No one thought that might be helpful knowledge? Lol. Okay, I should have done more research, but still. So anyway, we will try to get a consult when we are there next week and hopefully a sleep study done. It could turn out to be nothing, but we've gone through every other sort of frequently awful testing to rule out different disorders, so why not a relatively simple look-see into what's going on overnight before I lose my marbles? Just a thought.

But I'm really looking forward to next week at Kluge as I've been increasing frustrated with the lack of progress at home. But I really think that can be contributed to the fact that James is ready for more 'detail' work that I am not knowledgeable enough to undertake without help (my business major was clearly a mistake---who knew?). So we'll see what they come up with to deal with, James...and go from there. But I can promise that if I'm not satisfied with the answers, i'll keep scouring the Internet for new ideas or doctors or diagnosis that our current doctors love when I conjure up (whatever, I'm totally right 95% of the time).

Right now my main concern is that when we go stay at Ali's beautiful farm in Charlottesville, I'll have to explain that the kitty is STILL in Florida, unless Mama Kitty can make the flight on the private jet real quick.....

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  1. So glad to hear your visit in Cville is going well. Hopefully it is alleviating some of your frustrations that you were having at home. Interesting about building strength...obstacle course sounds fun. Think we could train SamFred to do the same things James does? Hope your push into the "sleep" question bears some new answers / ideas for you. Love you lots and take care!