Friday, April 1, 2011

One year ago today,

Oh yes, on April Fool's Day, we were first admitted to the Fauquier County hospital where we stayed a few days and celebrated Easter with our wonderful friends, Annie and Rob, who brought us fried chicken (cause nothin says Easter like fried chicken and some, yes, champagne). The day after Easter we took a lovely ambulance ride down to UVA and ended up not leaving for...a while. Like, well into the following month. Those first three weeks were pretty awful, as many of you know. We endured talks of kidney transplants, dialysis, blood transfusions, watched our poor child have tubes shoved down his throat and have so many IVs they actually couldn't do anymore. We watched cancer patients get checked in, treated, and leave in remission before we were ready to go home. We made some new friends who never got to leave. We also made lasting friends who we will never forget and will always hold dear.

Yesterday we cut James' tube feeds almost in half again so he is getting a pretty nominal amount through the tube. Throughout the day he consumed over 1000 calories in the form of cheese, oatmeal, raspberries, muffins, bread, broccoli, ham, pear, corn puffs, and quiche. And one year ago he quite literally ate nothing.

And apparently this year hasn't been too bad since we are expecting our baby girl in June, although it still seems a little crazy to me at times! We still don't get a lot of sleep and meals are a lot of work, but we have a pretty healthy little energetic boy whom we love more than our own lives for sure! So much to be grateful for and I thank God every single day, even the cruder ones! :)

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