Friday, March 19, 2010

Glass half full...

...of wine, I hope.

I complain on my blog a lot, but I do hope it's funny complaining. It's meant to be. I'm a firm believer that if you can't laugh about something, you're not going to make it. There are ways to help though. Nights tend to suck for me. Even if they end up being okay, they're full of the unknown (haunted house theory), so they are stressful. Sometimes during an early early early morning feeding, I sort of just wish it were morning so the night was over. BUT, what marks the end of my day is rocking James to sleep after his lavender bath, brushing, deep pressure massage, and bottle (we should all be so lucky), and I have a lovely all the way full glass of wine. Sometimes we're out of wine and I have tea, but it's seriously not the same. I love my wine.

1 comment:

  1. you may love your wine... and I LOVE YOU!!!