Friday, March 26, 2010

dorky enjoyments

When you live in the middle of nowhere (as my friend Carly pointed out when she tried looking up our house on Google Earth and couldn't find anything but grass and trees), you spend many days without seeing...other people. I see Tom morning and night, I see James all day and all night, and sometimes that's it...for a while. As most people with kids know, talking on the phone while they are awake is sometimes more trouble than it's worth (how do they know when we're multi-tasking??). And since I have to hold James while he's sleeping, I can only text then (I'm a good texter--just ask Tessa of - one of my absolute fav blogs written by one of my absolute fav cousin in laws/Jame's Godmother, wife of one of my absolute fav cousins who is fighting for our freedom in the Navy, AND who is having a 'giveaway' on her blog prompting me to plug her to win something cool---but honestly, read her blog, it's amazing).

So my dorky enjoyments are all the things people make fun of. I text, which is probably annoying to others; I love facebook, I don't care how many people make fun of it; I read select blogs, I read romance novels on my Kindle, and I love Twilight and New Moon, even though the movies are not as good as the books. I watch them over and over again anyway. See, super dorky and I love every second of it!


  1. Thanks for the shameless plug. I miss your inappropriate text messages :) See you in a few weeks!!!

  2. it's DO live in the middle of nowhere :) But I want to come see this middle of nowhere sometime so you have more people to see during the day :)