Thursday, February 4, 2010


These are just a couple of pictures of how we do some of our therapy. Clearly, the dogs are very helpful. On the right is an example of how we eat dinner. Since James' chair sits on the ground, I make nice meals every evening, and we sit on the kitchen floor. I'll need to take a picture of THAT aftermath!

It's so fun for us to see anything in James' mouth. Anything...

Heavy play is very important in calming and regulating the sensory system. Really anything weight-bearing is 'heavy play', but some things work better than others. There are all sorts of things you can buy or copy from therapy shops, but we find that the best therapy is the great outdoors. So we head out whenever we can. Boating works wonders, but isn't super practical for us, but this winter we've found that traipsing through the snow in our heavy boots and sledding are some great ways to get heavy play and vestibular work in! Sledding pics to come!

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