Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aahhh...the snow

Most everyone who doesn't live under a rock has heard about the snow in DC and surrounding areas. It was somethin' to see and I will definitely post some pictures soon, but I'm not on my computer because we hopped on a plane to CA as soon as we could. Sure, snow was fun for a few days. We went sledding with friends, sledding by ourselves, etc. But sledding with our luggage---not as much fun. Our driveway is a half mile long, and our road is a half mile long. After that you get to pavement. Did I mention the hills? Well, we parked on the pavement to make sure we didn't get stuck while trying to leave for the airport, which means we had to hike a mile on a mostly plowed road with 3 dogs, a toddler, and our luggage. So we did actually drag our luggage on sleds down the road. It worked...pretty well. Oh, and it was all of 19 degrees outside. We got about halfway to the airport when we got the call that our flight was cancelled and I refused to walk back up the driveway.
So we checked into the airport Marriott to wait it out. We tried spending time on the phone with United to get on a later flight, but since they insist on transfering your phone call to INDIA, no one really understood our plight. Tom ended up taking the shuttle to the United counter several times in the snowstorm just to get tickets...ridiculous.
Anyway, most people would be pretty bummed to be stranded like this, and I would really have rather been on Balboa Island in a T-shirt. However, I was lovin' it. Roomservice, crappy food (but hey, they bring it to me already cooked and then take it away), crazy expensive movies in our room (but they had New Moon---you know Tom loved it!), indoor pool (which James choked and vomited in-woops), workout room that I never saw the inside of, and absolutely nothing to do but play with James in one room or have Tom take James for a walk and leave me alone in a room to read all by myself for the first time in at least 9 months. Bliss. (Hey-I have low standards!)
It is hard to really do therapy stuck in a hotel. Mostly food therapy because I do feel bad making a really big mess and there is carpet EVERYWHERE. (Those who know me well know there is no carpet in my house at all...not even a rug.) But we braved it and went into the restaurant armed with our usual goodies. The first thing I did was put a little sugar down and James just went to town licking it and flinging it. The wait staff just sort of laughed (we're good tippers). But that's all he ate...sugar. So the next meal we sat down (same staff--we were all stuck there) and without asking, they brought James a bowl of fruit. Lol. Yeah, sure. He'll eat that. So I ate it and got him to poke it. The next day they brought juice, lettuce, offered soup. I've been trying to not explain our circumstances to complete strangers, but finally I had to let these poor people concerned for my child's wellbeing that he just doesn't eat. Anything (although in CA some idiot was feeding pigeons and James grabbed the bread right off the boardwalk and shoved it in his mouth. Do you think it's as gross if they don't swallow it, or still pretty much just gross?)


  1. So the one thing I took from this post??? Grace could get a job with UNITED!!!!! HA!

    Love you! Wish I could have been there to hear you try to explain James to strangers....

  2. they'd fire her for being too efficient and nice to the customers. God forbid you actually get to USE your miles.