Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Love My Friends So Much

I'm very picky about my friends. I don't.....enjoy...most...people....
Sorry, is that rude? Safe to say, if you're reading this, I enjoy you, so we are good.
Here's the thing about my closest friends...
They show up at my house forgetting or just forgoing shoes.
They are the fastest texters ever and can do it even while riding a horse, therefore readily available.
They don't sleep in.

See!!! I heart them.
Sarcasm. They get it.
They've sent the most appropriate care packages to various hospitals. drink.
They're amazing multitaskers, so a question can get answered or a trip planned while they're dealing with another 2 year old or shooting an ad in LA.
They can flat out tell me what to do and I'll listen (this is a big one).
And they're funny. I mean...really funny....

And above all, they get me and all my weirdness...

Thanks guys.
Also, if you notice people missing, it's cause they're texts are so far beyond inappropriate....and I love them for that even more.

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