Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Little Co-Captain

Today was the end of the year program at SMILE. I always get so excited to see this because we don't get to snoop much during the year. Too distracting, though I've been known to hide and eavesdrop on occasion. :). This was James' third performance since he's been at this amazing school, and each time we see such incredible improvement from each kid. I constantly have to fight from tearing up. And when they put up a slideshow to music, I have to kind of distract myself. Lol.
But today was beyond words.
If you watch this video:


You will see how difficult just walking on the balance beam was. This was about 8ish months ago. He was very scared of heights and always wanted help with stations.
Here is today:


We were completely blown away. 6 months ago he wouldn't somersault, he held a hand to walk on the balance beam, he couldn't jump down off of anything, and even with help wouldn't flip over the bar.
You can't imagine all the work and patience that he and his wonderful teachers have put into all this. We are so grateful and so proud of the person he is becoming. And we are equally proud of all the kids who performed today, some who have it all down pat and some who are where James was last year. I can't wait to see how far they come in just a few short months!



Big boy!

And let's not forget his incredibly supportive sidekick!!!! She rocketed across the balance beam all by herself. Miss "No I Do It."

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