Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Every mom I know kind of just wants to be alone on Mother's Day. But alas, as most things about being a mom, it's not really about us. :). So what Mother's Day usually entails is getting pampered by your family while a huge mess is created that you'll clean up later, but no matter what, we really do love it all. I prepared this year by full on cleaning the house the day before so I didn't stress about it. Great plan, btw!
This past month has been a doozy with me being stupidly sick with all sorts of different things and being full on miserable the entire time. I was FINALLY better and it was deemed that I would live, but you can bet I didn't feel the need for anything fancy for Mother's Day. Just a frigging break.
So my day consisted of sleeping til 6:30ish, moving myself to the couch where coffee was served to me repeatedly. We went for a family stroll, I sat on the couch some more and champagne was served to me. I took a nap. On the couch. Tom put the kids to bed while I drank champagne. On the couch. Then we had dinner. Guess where? I love my couch...
I loved every minute. And when someone whined, I said, "go talk to Daddy." That was fun too. Or funny...either way. :)

But the best quote came from my wonderful and long suffering husband:

"It maybe wasn't the best Mother's Day ever, but it sure beat your birthday!"

Indeed, my love. Indeed.

(Please excuse the shirt in the underwear. I was off duty.)

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