Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Year Confession

This isn't much of a confession, because most people know this. James has more or less been sleeping in our bed since he was born. We have put real effort into ousting him over the years, but when Eve was born, we realized we were working way too hard on something that was just going to have to happen in its own time. Sleep is about the last thing to heal in a kid therapeutically. Well, sleeping and eating. Sigh. Anyway, we knew we weren't anywhere close to healing anything, and we found that if he fell asleep in our bed, he went to sleep on his own, and slept fairly well. You can imagine how this made everyone feel better.
I'd like to add (because I love to add little rants whenever possible), that I cannot stand when people talk about how they'd never let their kids in their bed and you should never and shoulda woulda coulda blah blah blah. I hear it all the time. Fact is, if your kid isn't sleeping in your bed, super. They didn't need to. I'm so glad that worked out for you. Basically, not much that you did made that possible. Luck o' draw.
Sometimes, you just have to do what works for your life not to be miserable. And frankly, aside from getting kicked in the head, stomach, shoulder, leg, ass, etc, it really hasn't bothered any of us too much. Especially compared to the misery of trying anything else. Also, it gave us a guest room!
A couple of months ago, we were reading about some sort of bird that had a cup shaped nest. James was soooo interested in this, so we started sort of talking up how he could have a cup shaped bed someday. We weren't really sure how we would do this, but if he was going to sleep in it, we would just figure it out.
He also wants to sleep in a room with Eve, which in theory sounds awesome to me. In But we made a deal: if he slept on a mattress in our room for 2 weeks without getting into our bed, I'd make him a cup shaped bed. Truly honestly, I didn't think he'd last more than half a night. But amazingly, he slept all night there! Then he woke up and asked if he could have a cup shaped bed. Then I realized I probably needed to make him a calendar to avoid talking about it constantly.
So for the past 2 weeks, he has spent EVERY night in his own bed! We certainly haven't had perfect nights with either kid, which totally confirms that they're not ready to share a room. But...I'm no longer sleeping at the foot of what, at some point, was a comfortable and kick ass bed. I would like to get reacquainted with it.
Anyway, I promised I would make this cup shaped bed on Thursday, and my kid will not be put off. Of anything. But of course the end of the day rolls around and I had forgotten until dinner. So I ran into the basement and hauled a whole bunch of crap upstairs and created (dum dum dum!!!!) THE CUP SHAPED BED!!

Really, kids are pretty easy to please, aren't they? Awesome.

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