Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Get Knocked Down

But I get up again. Ur never gonna keep me down. I get knocked down...
Lol! Ok, some people reading this are shaking their heads (everyone), but I DO know that SOME people are singing along with me. And they'll continue, cause that song will NEVER LEAVE YOUR HEAD.
Where was I? Oh right.
So this past week was pretty much crap. James was sick, then Eve got sick, then I got sick. Like, bad sick. Fever, shaking, up all night with a throat that felt like I swallowed a steel brush type crap. Needless to say, we watched a ton of cartoons this week. To the point that at one point, James just asked if we could turn off the TV. Woops...
I have to say, I'm encouraged because this is the first significant illness James has had where he didn't lose a whole pound or more, and, well, we didn't end up in the hospital for a month...sooo...all in all, coulda been worse. In fact, through the worst of it, I was really encouraged. But then (!!) his body had to come off the 'roids. Holy shit, it was crazy. He had dark circles under his eyes, he was in a complete brain fog, he was moody, nauseous, stopped gaining weight, and really was just all around unpleasant to be around. At the same time, his sister was a compete pain in the butt and I was not my most stellar self. I realized also (cause I'm super smart) that because James' nose was so runny, he really wasn't getting the intranasal B12. This is super interesting because while we knew it was helping heal him and was a good thing, we weren't sure how long he would need it (treating symptom or cause). Evidently...pretty necessary right now. Cause we've seen a definite difference.
Once I clued into this, I double dosed him yesterday and today (cause deep down, I'm a doctor ---disclaimer---probably don't be like me). I was still fairly worried about the way he was looking, his energy levels, his attitude and appetite, until later this afternoon, when all of a sudden his dark circles disappeared, his cheeks had color and filled out, his eyes were bright, and he went wild. In a good way. :)

So onward and upward we go...again...
We are still worlds ahead of where we were not that long ago.
Aaaand...if you have a sick kid...stay the fuck away from us.
Lol. I'm just kidding. (I'm not kidding.)

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