Friday, April 19, 2013

A Day in the Life

Most of you know we raise grass fed beef. Know what you need when you decide not to feed grain? Um...grass. Know what grass is like in VA in the winter? Neither do I, cause you don't really see it.
Springtime is soooo exciting for everyone, especially grass eaters. The horses and the cows are thrilled beyond belief to have something besides hay. But, well...the grass is always greener and all that.
The other day a few cattle busted through a gate and I looked out the living room window to see a few steers munching around the lawn furniture. Of course this happens when I'm alone with the kids, who are sort of the opposite of helpful in these situations. I ran out to assess and hopefully chase everyone back in. Turns out, no one really cared if I chased them.

This is our senior bull. We call him Mr Moto. He's no Angus, but he is not...small. I had to physically push him through the gate. Lol. Too bad he's so scared of humans.
Anyway, I decided I couldn't herd the cattle through the gates because the rest of the cattle were standing right there. Eve and James and I (oh yeah, big helpers) tried to get them to follow the truck but, again, they just didn't care.
Then I remembered...our mower is in the shop and my parents are coming into town...

So I blocked off the driveway...

And let them work for a living.

It was a good day.

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