Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wild child

Just a quick update- no crying:

Almost one week into the latest protocol and James is doing great! We are seeing big increases in his energy and color. Even first thing in the morning. His gut also seems a bit calmer. Nothing normal about it, but the sense of emergency seems to have been stemmed. He actually went a full 24 hours without pooping (someday he's really going to hate me for this blog ;))!
At school, the feedback I've gotten is that he's being very brave and having great days.
Unfortunately, he ate something that disagreed with his stomach the other day, so of course he basically lost a pound. But we are working our way back up to regaining it. The good news is I don't really visibly see where that pound went, whereas normally it's very obvious. This leads me to think its mostly fluids and he'll keep getting better!

YouTube Video

He also has a super cool sister.

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