Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heading in the right direction

Quick post just to stay up to date. James seems to continue to improve little by little. At first, he went a little wild on the B12 and I think wore himself down a little. He was so energetic and wild, but, you know, still barely eats enough so I think he over did things. But I feel like we are starting to see a turn around, again. He, of course, lost the pound he gained, so we are working our way back. Again. But his color looks better and his appetite now seems to be increasing and he is showing interest in newer foods and self feeding. He's asking for things and eating faster and chewing better. All good signs pointing to his tummy feeling better. My current prayer, among many, is that he can can reach over 28 pounds and keep going. Pretty much every time we get a little over 28, something seems to knock him down. So I'd really like to get ahead for a little while!!!

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