Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big boy steps

We saw some neat progress this weekend I wanted to share. On Saturday we went to the annual Ducks Unlimited dinner with friends, which is basically a BBQ with auction items such as guns, vodka, and chairs. Those three things really do go together. Anyway, we usually go every year, though I bagged out last year while I was miserable and pregnant and trying to wean James from the feeding tube. It hasn't been super fun since James was born because things were hard for us and for him, and this made things rather unfun (my IPad is telling me that's not a word, but what does it know). They have games for the kids, but while James liked watching other kids, getting him to participate usually ended in tears. He didn't love the loud noises, didn't want to clap, eat, stay awake, so he would be whiney, which made me irritable and whiney, which made me never want to leave the house again ever (I tend towards the extreme sometimes).
THIS YEAR, however, was much more fun. Aside from James getting whacked upside the head with a beanbag (seriously, there are some mean ass kids out there that need a whoopin), there were no tears and minimal whining (I loathe whining, can't take it). James actually conversed with other adults in an audible voice (we've been practicing this a lot), ate dinner and asked for cake and more frosting (of course), and played a game with other kids. But my absolute favorite part of the evening was whenever there was applause, he would enthusiastically join right in! It was so cute and we have NEVER seen him do it before. I will 100% give the SMILE program credit. We were so proud of him. He has been working so hard, and Eve has really been a trooper hanging with me while we cart her big bro all over town. They are awesome, as long as nobody whines.

I let my child play on the floor of Barnes and Noble. Don't judge.

Pink camo and an REI vest complete with pockets? Yes, please.

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