Monday, March 26, 2012

The Funny Farm

Life on the farm is, well, still funny. And busy. And crazy. And wild. And funny (I said that, right?). On top of my decision to make all the food in our house myself, including bread (seriously, people used to have cooks just for this),

we continue raising cattle in our spare time.

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Because spring has sprung in full force out here, we are getting ready for some babies! Two have calved already and some number known to Tom are on the way (basically, I'm just around for show). But because of this:

Um, okay, that's a coyote in the middle. It seemed a lot closer. But hey, that's close enough!

Anyway, because of that, we got one of these:

This is Sonny. You can see his arrival here:

He's ridiculously cute, possibly drives a cart, and I'm taking offers for whoever wants to try sitting on him first. I think he'll be totally fine...if you can steer him...which is questionable. But really, he's not that tall anyway. I've always wanted a donkey, and a goat. Basically my life is complete.

In other news, this past week, 24 Crows in Flint Hill had a Dominion Star burger on their menu! This little cafe/art gallery serves some of the best sandwiches in the whole wide world. Their menu is always different and they use items from their own garden and local farms as much as possible. They used to be called Four and Twenty Blackbirds, which was a fabulous Zagat rated restaurant that had a brunch we still dream about and wish they would bring back. But they won't no matter how much we beg. Sigh. Anyway, they sold out of the burger in less than two days (and they're only open 3 hours a day), and called us for more beef ASAP to continue offering it. We were so excited, plus it gave us time to get over there and have lunch. The burger was amazing (of course) but what was really fun was to see people ordering it. We've already started getting emails from their customers wanting to order beef!

In a couple weeks The Whole Ox will have more fresh Wagyu, which is always neat, but we are offering frozen beef in their freezer section, which is pretty cool too. Soooooo, all that means I suppose is that we really are in the cattle business, which I just realized now, for real. Huh.

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