Monday, June 7, 2010

summer fun

Cool surfer dude!

Love my kisses!

Here is the backpack. It holds
all his supplies and the tube comes
out a little hole in the side and attaches
to his tummy.

See! You can run and play
just as well (or better!) with
an extra belly button!!


  1. It's so GOOD to See James Smile, Play and especially the KISS is worth MILLION PLUS WORDS!!
    Your should enter the KISS PICTURE in the catagory under SPECIAL, SPECIAL MOMENTS!! Great Picture!!! But then all of these are GREAT!!

    Medical Technology and your Love for James.... It makes us all think and at the same time be thankful for all of the Miracles in our lives....
    Thank you Clare for Sharing..

  2. I want a backpack....with a little vino!

  3. I'm confused. Dad, I thought you DIDN'T ever want to be put on life support.