Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blackberry blogger

I haven't updated in a while, because, honestly, I got a Blackberry and I almost never get on the computer anymore. It makes me a better mom. I do everything from my phone and James never has to walk up to the computer and say, "hold me?" Poor kid.

But a lot has been going on. We decided to get rid of the overnight feed and just do big daytime boluses. Great in theory. In reality, for the past 10 days the kid has thrown up once to twice a day. Misery. I started walking around with a towel. Of course, we've been in constant contact with all his doctors, nurses, and nutritionist, so we're working on the problem. But seriously, that's a lot of puke. It's so sad to see, although after about 1 minute tops, James is running around like mad again. And it's frustrating because it is hard to make up those calories and fluids. We changed around his meds, but it didn't seem to be working. But suddenly, yesterday, no puke. And today, no puke. I'm still super gun shy. I still took a towel into the grocery store just in case. I still carry around an extra shirt for James AND for me. I still sort of always smell puked up Pediasure (that's probably more of a cleaning issue, but whatever). I sort of never want vanilla ice cream ever again. But I'm really hoping we've turned a corner here and things get a bit better and easier every day. Well, maybe not so much easier, but definitely cleaner...

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  1. Oh Ev must really love James. He did all his puking for him yesterday and today....and tomorrow. If this theory plays out then you should be puke free for about 30 days.