Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Disclaimer: supposed to be funny, not sad, at least not in a crying sort of way...

Traveling to Texas is always so easy. My parents have a pack n play, high chair, obviously laundry, an extra vehicle, convenient access to grocery stores. It's astounding to me, mostly the grocery store thing. Anyway, I don't bring much with me. I bring way more outfits for Eve. But I want to explain how that planning has unintended consequences.

Before we left I had gone to Old Navy for new pjs for Eve. I got a bunch of shirts for myself. Pretty much short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve henleys in various colors. They were all clean, so I grabbed a couple of them and threw them in a suitcase with 2 pairs of jeans. Unintended consequence: I look like a brightly colored Old Navy ad wherever I go, every day.

We had 2 dressy functions to go to while here, neither of which we attended. I brought two pairs of fabulous heels to go with my dresses. Add my ever present cowboy boots, and I only had room for flip flops. Unintended consequence: I'm wearing flip flops in a hospital. Every day. It makes me itch just to think about it.

I brought one pair of socks for James to wear at the airport, and sandals for the rest of the time. It's 100 degrees here every day. However, not in the hospital. Unintended consequence: Aunt GG had to make a Target run.

I brought no socks for Eve. She never wears shoes or socks. We are rednecks. But we are rednecks who don't want staph infections or really to touch anything where there are warning signs about bodily fluids. Unintended consequence: when she comes to visit, she wears James's socks. They never match.

I had a facial from Robyn at Pure Skin Therapy about 2 hours before we ended up here. They are incredible, and anyone near Dallas who wants to know THE place to go, I'll pass on her info. Anyone who has had a really proper facial knows that really you don't look good until about 2 days later. Splotchy. Add crying. Bad news. Unintended consequence: I looked like crap coming in here, now I've been living here, now I need another friggin facial. (On a positive, I did get a supply of her face care products, and again, I have to plug these. Amazing amazing amazing...and keeping me sane.)

I usually travel only with the jewelry I'm wearing. My husband spoils me. I got a diamond when we got engaged (duh), diamond studs the day we got married, a diamond pendant necklace when James was born, and diamonds added to my wedding rings when Eve was born. Unintended (ok, maybe a little intended) consequence: I'm running around in nasty flip flops, weirdly similar daily Old Navy outfits, and I'm dripping with diamonds.

It's how I roll.

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