Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 years seems a paltry amount...

So today is our big 4 yr anniversary!! And all we can think is...that's it? Lol. For all we've been through since getting married, 4 yrs does not sound impressive enough. 2 kids, several hospital stays, countless therapy hours (for James, not us :)), feeding tube placed AND removed, cows, pigs, goats...I'm sure there's more but I've blanked it out. (Tom tells me my unique ability to "blank" things out is why I'm so happy---I said, "you're welcome.")

Eve is almost 2.5 months old, 13 pounds, and very smiley. I mean, the second kid is always a bit easier cause you just know more, but this one is pretty good. When my oldest nephew was a baby and I would visit Dallas every month to see him, I would go to my sisters house before 7 every morning (I was popular) to watch him wake up. He would be so smiley it was hilarious and awesome. Eve is like that. She wakes up every morning at 6:30 just happy as can be. Love it! She wakes up once or twice a night to eat and goes right back down. Never poops overnight. Awesome.

James is doing so well! He keeps gaining weight and eating like a champ. He rides the goat, feeds the cows, wrastles the dogs, and is unerringly sweet to his baby sister. As far as sensory stuff, we continue to make progress. Basically, his senses are pretty good, but everything was out of whack during critical developmental times, we are playing catch up. Denise has come out to the house several times to help with fairly practical issues. As a first time parent with James, we've had a hard time figuring out how to teach him basics like dressing and undressing, feeding himself, and potty training when the more natural order of things was disrupted or just skipped. Since he wouldn't touch anything, he never learned to take his shirt off, or socks, or anything. He can be very passive about things like that, and we have really helped him do everything, because it was all so hard. So it's hard going back but he's doing great. He's taking his shirt on and off with very little help, and doing darn well with pants and shoes. He had to learn it wasn't gonna happen by using his fingertips. :) potty training will be tricky, but we have a pretty good plan ready to implement in a few weeks after we get back from a Texas trip. I'm honestly dreading it. Itll be mayhem. Lol. We are also still working on strengthening his upper body and fine motor skills, but he's doing very well with all that. He is feeding himself more and more and wielding his fork better and better.

That's pretty much all that's fit to print for now! We are going to see Jenny when we go to Texas, so we'll get a good read on james' skills and how to continue to fine tune everything!

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