Tuesday, February 1, 2011

He likes some stuff!!

People frequently ask me if there's a food James really likes. I have to say, I've never felt particularly charitable answering this question over the past two years. I mean, the answer was no. Cause if he liked something, he would freaking eat it, right? And until 6 months ago, he ate absolutely nothing. Then he started eating some yogurt and we've progressed from there. But I can't say he liked yogurt. He ate it because I asked him to and fed it to him. He tolerated it. Still does really. But it's like my sister says: they're not potty trained if they can't do it all by themselves. He may eat some food now, and it's wonderful and heading in the right direction, but he doesn't actually do it himself, so it's really just a replacement of the tube. But finally, FINALLY, there are 5 things he will ask for repeats of. Shredded cheese, Cheezit Gripz (they are pretty tasty), toast (go figure), ketchup, and broccoli. The kid loves broccoli. I mean, I love broccoli, for for some reason I think it's way weird how he likes it. Says it's salty and bumpy. Wonder how he'll feel about it someday when he finds out it doesn't usually come drenched in olive oil or butter?

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