Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update a long time coming ---

So I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm just gonna go for it as a quick catch up and then we'll see how i keep up!
James is doing well. He is over 25 Lbs now and that is amazing to see. He talks nonstop and is starting to reason things out, which is a blessing and a curse. :) he still sleeps like crap, but his gtube pretty much bothers him all the time so that can't help. It's a work in progress, like so many things. Over the past couple of months he has lost a bit of interest in pureed stuff, which was to be expected. The key was getting him onto chewing real food before that happened. And we are well on our way. He still does not really chew with his teeth, but mashes with his tongue. Its not because he doesn't understand, but because he is still very tentative about the placement of the food and what happens to it once it is in his mouth. He'd prefer it not to change properties on him. :) But if i dice up fruit into tiny pieces, or cut overcooked pasta and potatoes, he will actually swallow. He has a higher tendency to gag at the texture, so you really have to coach him through it and make sure the pieces are small and the food item is something doable. ITs always a bummer when mom miscalculates. We will go back to KCRC the week before Thanksgiving to cut back on the tube feeds more and work on eating some new stuff. We've pretty much been working from home for a while now and it seems to have been very successful. The process doesn't leave time for much else, but we are muddling through and looking forward to the day when we make dinner and everyone just sits down and eats what they need. I'm not sure what that'll be like, but I imagine it's pretty good!

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