Saturday, August 14, 2010

You're in a chair. In the sky!!

It's very easy to forget that one month ago, James ate nothing. As in...nothing. Now he eats all sorts of purees, including some pasta with bolognese sauce, chicken dumpling soup, and lots of ice cream. He chooses to munch on Cheerios and cookies. Yet I catch myself getting frustrated sometimes (lots of times) when James gets distracted or takes the world's smallest bites (ever). I mean honestly, he only opens his lips. It takes over a half hour to finish a container of yogurt and could take hours to finish 4 ounces of something new (usually if he eats an ounce or so of something new, I'm pretty happy---and it's not cause he refuses it, it's just that it takes FOREVER). It is still enjoyable and rewarding because he is actually eating. And I spent almost a year making food 3x a day that maybe got poked by a finger. So I love making him something new or making homemade ice cream or adding butter to something and actually feeding it to him. But still, sometimes I do want to scream, "OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" lol It wouldn't work, so I just scream in my head. But then remember----how can I possibly get frustrated with this kid?? He. Is. Eating. And I know I wish it was over, but it's not. And it's not going to be for, you know, a while. So I have to take what comes and enjoy what is happening right now, and remember all those other crappy months and think about how great this one was!
The following link was posted by my cousin a while back. There used to be a better version, but I can't find it. Still, it was recently brought back to my attention and it does put things in perspective!


  1. I think it is so normal to feel frustrated even though he has come so far. I feel it too all the time. Your doing a great job! Stick with it and take breaks when you can. He is so lucky to have a Mom like you!!

  2. No that's a picture that brings a very big smile to my face!!
    James Smile is breathtaking!!

  3. I meant to say... Now that's a Picture....